Young people call for new skate park in Seaford

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A GROUP of young people have launched an online petition calling for a new skate park in the Chyngton area of Seaford.

Sam Chumbley, aged 16, Rory Chumbley, aged nine and Luke Harmer, aged 12, have banded together to urge Lewes District Council to take action.

They are asking for a skate park to be built at the Walmer Recreation Ground that is suitable for skate boarders, scooters and BMX.

The petition says: “The nearest and only other one in Seaford is The Salts which is too far for local skaters and not always convenient to get to.

“There is a big number of children and youth that would benefit from having a skate park this end of Seaford.

“At the moment there is a playground but this is only really suitable for primary school children.

“I feel that we need something for us older teens to keep us happy and active.

“Skate parks are very popular and it would be well used and would benefit a lot of people in the local area and beyond.”

The petition urges the council to build a skate park which is suitable for the beginner skaters and also something challenging and not too basic for the more advanced skaters.

So far they have impressively gathered more than 200 signatures both online and on paper but they need your help to increase this number.

Anyone living, working or studying in Lewes District who wishes to raise an issue or have their views heard on a council matter can create an e-petition. Find out more at

The group’s e-petition can be found at