Youngsters take over county hall

Members of Hailsham Youth Council took over County Hall in Lewes for the day as part of the Children’s Commissioner’s Takeover Day 2013.

The day gives children and young people the chance to work with adults for the day, be involved in decision-making and offer their opinions on key issues.

The regional ‘Wealden Takeover Day’ required an application for young people aged 11 to 19 years to present an idea at County about the way a £10,000 budget for young people was spent.

Youth groups were given the opportunity for a £2,000 share of this budget if they convinced an audience of young people from the Wealden District/Youth Partnership that their idea was good enough. The Hailsham Youth Council members that attended, which included Youth Mayor Chelsie McIntosh, were delighted to have been selected to receive a £2,000 funding boost after discussing how, through the Friday Night

Chelsie, who led Hailsham Youth Council’s presentation, said: “The project is highly valued by both parents and the young people involved. Since the start of the Friday Night Project in Hailsham earlier this year, local police have noticed instances of antisocial behaviour drop. This additional, all important funding will help the Friday Night Project continue to run from April 2013 through to August 2013 and is a welcome boost to the young people of Hailsham and the local community at large.”

Young people in Hailsham can attend outings for the Friday Night Project by calling Andy Joyes on 01323 841702 or visiting