1066 Award delayed due to strike

As honorary president of the Hastings Week Committee I felt I must write to you and let the residents of Hastings know what is happening on Hastings day itself.

The committees meet all year to plan a programme of events, hopefully to suit all tastes, from classic car shows, charity fairs, craft fairs, special Jazz club, Opera South East, old commercial vehicles show, talks and walks around the town, and with special meal deals offered by some restaurants also.

The highlight of this week is the award of the 1066 Award which is given to a local person who has voluntarily done a lot for the town and the people of the town, and it is of course presented on Hastings Day, October 14 (Tuesday this year). This year a union has decided to go on strike on this day, so all council-owned buildings will be closed, which means that the presentation cannot now be done until Friday, October 17 in the museum.

All these recipients are special people and to have their own special day and celebrations treated like this by a few people is outrageous and of course very disappointing for the recipient this year and their family and friends.

Councillor Maureen Charlesworth

Honorary President

Hastings Week Committee