A need to speak with one voice on A27 Lewes-Polegate stretch

The Lewes MP, Norman Baker, has been quoted in your newspaper as saying “Conservatives from outside the area are treating the villages {along the A27 route between Lewes and Polegate) like some sort of colonial possession whose view can be safely ignored”.

Your readers must be wondering how Mr Baker defines “area”. Does he mean the South East of England, Sussex, East Sussex or that area confined by the boundaries of his constituency?

The A27 is a trunk road which serves a large area of southern England of which the section between Lewes and Polegate is merely a part.

If Mr Baker is confining his argument to his constituency, then I have to tell him that Conservatives from within this area are supporting the construction of a new dual-carriageway to be located north of the existing road and in so doing are intent on relieving the villages of their current inconvenience.

Conservatives from outside this area are also supporting this policy but they are not alone in wishing to tackle the problem.

Mr Baker’s fellow Liberal Democrats in Eastbourne, both the MP and the Lib Dem controlled Borough Council, support something being done about what Stephen Lloyd MP calls “this dreadful road”. Mr Lloyd’s solution is to dual the existing route which would be impractical, disruptive and do little or nothing to benefit residents living along it.

The Liberal Democrats as a party therefore are all over the place on this issue. At least the Tories are speaking with one voice.

If I were resident along the present A27,I would tell Mr Baker to adopt Tory policy and get the through traffic well away from my house.

This would not only be environmentally friendly to me but would also reduce carbon emissions through vehicles cruising efficiently and not belching out pollution in congested traffic.

The number of deaths, injuries and bereavements would be diminished and the new road would be located further from the South Downs National Park whereas the existing A27 lies on its cusp.

Mr Baker’s record on the A27 is wilfully obstructive and I believe it is this issue more than any other which is likely to dispatch him at the coming General Election.

Michael J Richards