A tall order to stop Brexit

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There is now a strange mixture of uncertainty and inevitability surrounding the ongoing Brexit saga.

Uncertainty because of the conflicting views as to the likely future role and prosperity of Britain in the world once we have left the European Union, depending on whether our Government can come up with a divorce package acceptable to the EU high command, and whether it can survive a mauling in Parliament.

Inevitability in the sense that we still appear to be tied to a severance package based on the Chequers cabinet agreement moving inexorably toward a Salzburg-type blockage by the EU, for want of any alternative it seems.

No wonder there is still pressure and activity toward securing a Second Referendum, or People’s Vote. But will it fly ?

There would need to be strong enough backing or a radical change in Government thinking on this to take place, otherwise I don’t see it happening.

The pragmatic view to take might be to go with the inevitable and simply resign oneself to putting up with some kind of patched-up compromise deal on the basis of damage limitation and a future based on guesswork.

It’s not a pretty scenario, but it may work out in those terms.

The alternative of reversing gear and backing painfully up a rubble-strewn narrow road with the prospect of attack all the way by Leavers denied their prize after two consecutive but conflicting votes would simply prolong the agony already endured.

The Remain camp is just as much under scrutiny as the Leave campaigners, and has to muster and come forward with compelling arguments sufficient to stop Brexit in its tracks. It is a tall order.

Michael Parfect,

Cranedown, Lewes