A259 already congested

AFTER reading the report by Samantha Clark (November 4) about the grand designs for Railway Quarter Newhaven, I sincerely hope the Stakeholders meeting which Norman Baker hopes to arrange in December, will ensure detailed plans of improved road infrastructure proposals are available for public scrutiny.

I raise this issue as some months ago when viewing plans for building additional housing and yet another supermarket situated behind existing retail outlets (B&Q, Halfords etc) I posed the question ‘Where are the Highways infrastructure plans’. Blank response.

To build more supermarkets and housing in what is an already a very congested road (A259) beggars belief. Any further major developments within Newhaven Harbour and adjacent areas must be subject to close scrutiny and consultation within the Newhaven and Seaford communities. Ignore this and those responsible will be held ‘Responsible’. Local residents may well demonstrate their displeasure and copy the protesters outside St Paul’s.

John Burns, Seaford

Footnote: I would suggest planners should spend time and visit Dieppe to witness the business development and road and harbour infrastructure achieved over the last 40 years.