Accepting TV offer not very prudent

Was I alone among your readers to be surprised when I read (July 26th) that a house in Hellingly, owned by the Chair of Planning South for Wealden District Council is “to be star of TV show”? That is the same Chair of Planning who, four years ago, rejected an application for a new specially-adapted bungalow to be built on family land in Pevensey for Royal Marine Joe Townsend, a young marine who lost both his legs while on active service in Afghanistan.

This decision incurred the wrath of the nation and attracted extensive media coverage.

It took the personal intervention of Prime Minister Gordon Brown to force Wealden Council to reverse the decision.

Against this background, I suggest that it might have been prudent, and politic, if Councillor Barby Dashwood-Morris had turned down Channel 4’s request to feature her house, which she describes as a ‘coup’, in the show ‘Double Your House for Half the Money”.

Roger Paine