Access for disabled

I REFER to a recent letter (March 9) from Tony Judd (club manager) concerning the Seaford & District Constitutional Club, highlighting its many amenities and its service to the local community and the fact the club was worried about over-provision in relation to the proposed Seaford Head golf club development.

I am afraid Mr Judd what you fail to mention is that the facilities at your club do not allow for all members of the community to participate or enjoy the functions or meetings which are held there.

I refer to those of us who are disabled, in particular wheelchair users like myself. I last visited your premises over seven years ago when access, without going through the service entrance adjoining the bar area, was not possible, movement between floors, none existent, no disabled toilet and no provision for disabled parking.

It could be that I am doing the current committee a disservice as some of these issues may be being addressed at this time, but my belief is they are still being looked at as they were in 2004, when I pointed out the above matters and received a somewhat surprising curt reply.

So I, for one, certainly welcome any new developments such as the one proposed for a new Seaford Head Golf Club which will open up function rooms and leisure facilities in Seaford which I or committees like the ones I represent can access and use, especially for the many meetings I am expected to attend.

So maybe Mr Judd you need to look within your own organisation to address issues which would almost certainly bring a higher usage and take up of your function areas.

I would comment that the council, or any other organisations for that matter, could not hold a meeting in your premises if they expected me to attend.

Having “the largest function room in the area” is of little relevance, if it cannot be used by all.

Zena Gibbs (Mrs), chair, Access in Seaford and


Access Committee