Air pollution is the price we pay

Traffic news
Traffic news

There are twice as many cars on the road as ten years ago and everything has a price , in this case it is air pollution.

Car makers cannot keep producing high speed cars as most of our roads have between 40 and 50 speed limits.

We all like our cars, however a century ago you walked to work as the jobs were in your own town.

We cannot stop progress. Average cities are taken up with car parks we take for granted that we own the roads and that is where we go wrong.

Slow down on the approach to residential areas.

Don’t over fill petrol tanks.

Many features on cars are gimmicks, only smaller cars are more efficient.

Habitat loss is one of the most pressing problems today and the volume of pollutants has risen.

Continual building everywhere has taken its toll on all our wildlife which is disappearing fast.

Keep hedgerows for future wildlife .

Doris Myles

Brands Close,

South Heighton