Air pollution needs urgent attention


Air pollution needs urgent attention

The reports by Samantha Clark regarding concerns being expressed about pollution levels in Newhaven and its environs raises some very urgent issues for future inhabitants of Newhaven.

I find the report by LDC astonishing, that the air quality management area should have no harmful effect on regeneration as developers consider the impact of large scale developments.

Local air quality would definitely suffer.

I find this statement extraordinary bearing in mind the aerial nitrogen oxide pollution already identified in Newhaven.

The recently approved Eastern Newhaven Redevelopment with a new supermarket and 190 homes and petrol station will contribute to aerial pollution and vehicular congestion.

To add to this scenario, the residents of Newhaven now have to consider the latest extravaganza – the Water Park.

The consultation is due to start some time in 2013, with no doubt great publicity and hype.

This proposal should be aborted.

The existing highway infrastructure is totally inadequate to cope with such a large development. The existing 259 via Newhaven and the Newhaven to Lewes road (C7) is already congested at peak hours.

Approval for such large scale schemes must have the agreement of local communities – not political affiliations.

The Government Localism Bill dictates this. The local MP, Norman Baker needs to open dialogue within the community.

John Burns