All the talk is of losses not gains

A few months ago ESCC voiced a proposal to close seven libraries in East Sussex.

Posters, leaflets and questionnaires were printed, probably costing a good deal of money. The public replied with many protest meetings and lots of effort to stave off these closures obviously to no avail as you are going to close them anyway.

There is talk about loss of grants to justify this stand. I notice that you [the council]talk about the losses but what about the gains? With all the new houses being built there are more residents to pay the council taxes but you just reduce services to an increasing population.

Your spokesperson says it’s just 20 minutes into Eastbourne from Polegate. Couple this with finding a parking space and incurring fees all adds to the time involved. Those of us without a car will have to use (where applicable) our bus passes meaning an increase in the cost to tax payers. The next thing will be further adjustments to bus pass timings because of the increased costs!

The cynic in me notes that Eastbourne just voted Lib Dem again and Hastings ( with a very small Tory majority) has had a huge amount of money spent on it.

Michael Reed

Albert Road, Polegate