All three councils disregarding residents’ views over parking

Once again our three councils town, district and county are going against the views of residents who took part in a survey run by East Sussex County Council highways held in the civic centre back in April 2013.

A large majority said that on- street parking in the High Street should remain in place,the aim is to pave over all the parking spaces except for a few disabled and unloading bays.

Between Peacocks and the cinema there are over 50 parking spaces in the High Street during the week, Monday to Saturday. These spaces are always full. If everyone parks for the allotted time of 1 hour, then over the time of 8 hours that comes to 400 car movements. Some cars are only parked for 5 or 10 minutes. This would make the car movements between 400 and 600 over an 8 hour period. Can Bell Walk and Luxford car parks take all these extra cars? In the evenings, people park in the High Street to visit the cinema, restaurants, collect takeaways, use the bank cash points, visit family and friends who live in the flats above all the High Street shops. All will have to park in Bell Walk or Luxford.

Some shops could suffer loss of business due to the removal of parking from outside their shops. With new housing developments in the pipeline for Harlands and Ridgewood Farm, there could be an extra 1,500-plus cars wanting to use the town car parks. May be the answer is park and ride.

Mel Sanders