Always been an eyesore

WITH reference to John Crowther’s letter concerning the Canon O’Donnell building, I can only agree with one of his comments in that it is an absolute disgrace that it has been allowed to deteriorate to such an extent.

However, in my opinion the building is, and always has been, an eyesore, hardly a fine example of arts and crafts architecture and as such is worthy only of demolition. Thank goodness there are only a few houses or buildings of this style in Lewes!

The other eyesore which needs addressing is our so-called bus station in the heart of our lovely town. It is a dirty, disgusting, useless building, and again, fit only for demolition. Heaven knows what the visitors to Lewes must think of it.

And, while I am on a rant, having just returned from Pas-de-Calais, we realise that in the nine months since our last

visit, for every single majestic wind turbine dominating the skyline in this beautiful part of northern France, it would appear that there are

now at least six.

Does this imply that they self-replicate? If so, Ringmer is in for a nasty shock – oh dear!

Rosemary Muddle, Lewes