Another thumbs up for hotel at former Lewes Magistrates’ Court site

I’m writing in support of R E Towner’s letter (Premier Inn would be good for town, 23 August), which made a refreshing change from the howls of objection from the usual protest groups.

While not wishing to detract from the no doubt valuable contribution these kinds of groups make to Lewes, one has the feeling that when it comes to new development, the placards are out before you can say “Jack Robinson”!

On the question of the Premier Inn, I do think that Lewes would benefit from a new hotel, especially as the existing hotels are mainly sited uphill.

In my opinion every development of this type should be given the best chance of success, as Lewes is a far more attractive town when it’s growing and changing.

I’m beginning to wonder what type of building would be acceptable (another medieval castle perhaps?) to those who are most vociferous in their objections to new development - or perhaps it’s better for nothing to change and for Lewes slowly to decay and so die.

Jen Luffman