Answer inadequate on Lewes Uckfield rail link

So, according to his letter in last week’s Sussex Express, the Department of Transport’s Rail Operations Advisor, Peter Foot, thinks that there is little immediate chance of the Lewes-Uckfield line re-opening.

This in spite of Network Rail’s admission that Sussex Railways are the most congested in the UK, and the perpetual problems caused by line closures at Balcombe so that track defects may be remedied.

This is a hopelessly inadequate answer, in my opinion. If Norman Baker is sincere in his wish to have the line re-opened, let him rebuff Mr Foot’s statement and lead a more pro-active campaign! I must add that this is only my own point of view and must not be taken as representative of the views of Lewes Town Council, although that council has always stated its wish to see the line re-opened.

Stephen Catlin,

Independent Town Councillor for Lewes Priory Ward