Answer to Railway Lane speed bumps - widen the pavement

I AM writing with regard to the main item on Page 1 (Sussex Express, June 22) which highlighted the dangers to pedestrians of the speed bumps in Railway Lane, Lewes.

Now before I am misunderstood, I must stress that I have the greatest sympathy for Mrs Joan Briggs, who has suffered most distressing injuries as a result of her fall there. I also have great respect for Councillors Kingham and O’Keeffe, who put in much time and effort to the benefit of our town. However, are we not getting things out of proportion?

I have always been taught that accidents will happen, and when they do it is not always somebody’s fault. People trip and fall over many things; kerbs in towns, tree roots on woodland paths etc, but it is not always practical, or even possible, to prevent it happening again. I think the paving in Railway Lane is in ‘sets’, rather than cobbles (which would be much more hazardous), but they are laid securely, and each hump has six broad white arrows painted on it. I am sure that attention of pedestrians could be drawn more clearly to the bumps by painting them with yellow stripes, or covering in black tarmac, but do we want such treatment in our town?

It is, of course, debatable whether speed bumps are the right way of slowing traffic, but that is another issue. I think the real problem in Railway Lane is that there is only a very narrow pavement on one side – if this were a little wider, there would be a safe place for pedestrians, who would then have no need to negotiate the speed pumps, although I appreciate this may be difficult to achieve if delivery vans etc have to be accommodated.

May I stress that these comments are intended to relate to the wider issue of daily life, and are in now way meant to be unsympathetic to Mrs Briggs, who has suffered much.

John Pigott, Ringmer