Antics in Parliament is a playwright’s dream

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The Bear Garden currently masquerading as Parliament is a playwright’s dream and Shakespeare must have been a clairvoyant as his Comedies and Tragedies clearly sum up the current Brexit shambles.

However, our elected representatives need to be mindful of the last time that Parliament was in such a disarray culminating with a visit of a very exasperated General Cromwell resulting in a ‘Bear Garden’.

There is a mathematical conundrum as none of the Brexit votes have the elected magic number of 653 been met......does this suggest that they don’t know, don’t care or just abstain.

As Brexit is the most important decision short of voting to go to war that these ‘representatives’ will have to make, should we let these non-voters go?

Let’s have a vote on that motion.

Just before the Bear activists get going on discrimination, we should of course be kind to all animals but maybe not the lot in the Westminster Bear Garden...after all the Greeks did not just provide us with the pillars of democracy.

Could be Ballot Box Greek Fire!

Rod Colley

Corsica Hall