Appalled at front page image in Sussex Express

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I was appalled to see your front page taken up exclusively by a graphic image of a young woman threatened with violence, presented as a “humorous” publicity stunt by a film company.

Last week you published a serious article about the possible closure of the women’s refuge in Lewes and it is worth remembering that women are fleeing violence every day, with 2 women killed by their partners or ex-partners every week in the UK. Violence against women is no joke.

Pictures such as the one you have published accept and perpetuate the normality of violence against women. I read the article to the end and it appears that the storyline, a hackneyed cliché of time travel, does not involve a woman at all and so this image is entirely gratuitous.

Can you please return to publishing the local news rather than sick publicity stunts?

Linda Drabble