Approach road to Lewes a ‘disgrace’

Recently, my wife and I drove south through the tunnel to return to Seaford after ‘doing’ the antique shops and lunching.

It was a very warm and sunny afternoon and the river and background scenery looked most attractive.

On ascending the short slope to Southerham roundabout to join the A27 eastbound and A26, the picture suddenly changed and the illusion was shattered.

The ‘grassed’ area to the side of the left hand exit lane onto the A27 was a disgrace, with small scruffy bushes and a litter-strewn, unkempt, weed ridden part mud, part grass area behind the safety barriers.

The roundabout itself was even worse, the centre being covered with tall brown scrub and weeds and totally uncared for.

Heading east to the A26 junction and the Beddingham roundabout, which was equally disgraceful, it occurred to us what a dreadful impression this must give of the area, and to visitors to Lewes entering from the continent or the south, east or west generally.

The roundabouts and primary approaches to most towns throughout UK are usually quite well presented in an effort give a reasonable impression to visitors. As a retired local authority engineer and long term resident of East Sussex, I was embarrassed to think that visitors (and locals) should see our county town so portrayed and let down by the authorities.

Lewes Town Council, Lewes District Council, East Sussex County Council and the Highways Agency all have varying degrees of responsibility, interest and influence for the town, its highways and environment.

For heavens sake get your various acts together and sort it so that the approaches to Lewes and other local towns can present a good and deserved image to visitors and residents.

Mr R J Bone