Army doing another fine job

The Olympic Games has provided yet another example of how magnificent our soldiers are and how they always respond in times of crisis. Soldiers from throughout the South East of England are heavily committed.

The grace, professionalism and enthusiasm with which they have taken to this latest commitment is humbling. Many have given up precious leave in school holiday time, some are recently back from operations yet they go about their task with their trademark cheerful efficiency.

It is very sad to think that in a few years time some of those soldiers or their dependents or carers will be in need of charitable assistance as they cope with life after dedicated service. But the ABF – the Soldier’s Charity stands by to assist all our soldiers and their dependents as it has done since 1944. We provide relief and assistance where there is genuine need for anyone who has put him or herself on the line in the service of this country.

If any readers feel they want to make a gesture to thank these soldiers, to help organise events, learn what we do or make a donation, please look us up on our website or feel free to contact me personally at and I will reply and help in any way I can.

Colonel Mark Rayner

Regional Director

Fundraising – South East