Arrowcroft supermarket plans - MP is interfering?

I’VE just read a report quoting Norman Baker welcoming the resubmission of the Arrowcroft supermarket plans.

He has definitely got a bee in his bonnet about this one, however I still think LDC made the right decision for sound planning reasons.

Norman’s comment that he has contacted the planning minister to put a hold on this, if true, is a bit bizarre in its own right. Why is he not suggesting that Arrowcroft have the planning process to follow if they so wish? Ie they can appeal the decision if they think it’s wrong in planning law.

If Arrowcroft had exhausted all avenues of the proper process first, you could understand Norman getting involved like this but this is, at best, premature.

I’m actually a bit disappointed in his implied accusation that the planning committee at LDC, of which I’m a member, can’t do its job properly. A job where we as planning members have the facts of the cases presented to us in full, where we debate them in full and sometimes in a local public hall so everyone is aware of the points being debated and the reasons why we come to the decisions whether or not an individual agrees with them or not.

Certainly Norman is entitled to his opinion and to think that the decision is wrong, particularly if he didn’t attend the meeting in question. But using his position to interfere with the process is not correct and he of all people should know that.

Cllr Rod Main, Newhaven