Back majority, not minority

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Dear Maria Caulfield – I assume that you have some sort of belief in democracy.

I realise you know that you represent a Remain voting area but are a staunch Brexiteer and so do not believe in the normal concept of representative democracy.

But obviously you can not be anything but moved by the huge turn out in London by ordinary working families, many of them with new voters in their ranks, who are calling for a referendum on the deal that is being cobbled together by your party – so far without any success at all.

I want you as our representative to support that democratic move. To forget your prejudice and to actually represent those you are honour bound to represent. Especially as the spectre of a massively damaging no deal is looming large.

Please think about your role very carefully and pledge to support the majority not the minority. To support those who want a chance to discuss and democratically choose which way to go now that the true facts – unobscured by the lies and false rhetoric of the Leave campaign – are becoming clear.

If you continue to be an opponent of democratic choice then your long term presence as our MP is clearly impossible to support.

Robin Bextor

Chilver Bridge Road, Berwick