Backing fracking makes no sense

If you object to wind turbines, solar farms and fracking, then you probably feel strongly about protecting your community and the local environment. I can relate to that.

If, on the other hand, you are in favour of all those things, then perhaps you are pro-business, keen to boost the economy and want to secure your country’s energy supply. At least, it’s a consistent viewpoint.

If you are in favour of wind and solar but oppose fracking, then most likely you are concerned about climate change. That’s an extremely sensible standpoint given the overwhelming scientific consensus.

But what can be the agenda of those who, having bitterly opposed wind and solar developments, are now pushing fracking? Don’t forget, this a process that consumes huge amounts of water, injects toxic chemicals through the aquifers that hold our drinking water and then literally blows apart the rock underneath people’s homes - without, of course, paying them either royalties or compensation.

The methane gas that is released could leak into the air or groundwater and, once burned, will be gone for ever, leaving only an additional kick to climate change.

Wind and solar power are clean and they’ll never run out. To oppose renewables and support fracking makes no sense at all.

Stephen Watson