Baffled by the solar tariff cut

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I AM baffled that the Government have reduced the solar power feed-in tariff. I believe they have just cut it in half. I believe that we should be developing a Green infrastructure to help with Global Warming. This reduction will slow this process down.

This has a bad effect on local companies that install such systems. They were extremely busy but many people cannot now afford the new systems. This affects installers, companies that train installers, accreditation companies etc.

Many small businesses have had difficulty over the last two years not being able to get promised bank funding to get started. Just recently the Government has trumpeted its new strategy to get business moving, so it’s a shame that some companies will suffer.

The only people who will be able to afford the new tariff are likely to be Tory voters.

Lewes, as a Transition Town, strongly supports any initiative to reduce our carbon footprint.

Michael Wood, Lewes