Ballot box may be the only way to force Lewes District Council to start listening to the people of Newhaven

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Ref: Stop dumping on Newhaven 11/01/2019

It appears that Lewes District Council planning officers are for whatever reason best known to them or is it that they just do not care about the wishes of the people of Newhaven and surrounding areas.

We have constantly heard that they are going to do this and do that but nothing ever happens for the improvement of the area.

For years now they have continued to place everything into the area that we do not want despite saying that they want to regenerate and create local jobs which in the main seem to go to outsiders.

One only has to walk around to see that work starts before actual planning has been approved.

Maybe the time has come to teach these councillors who represent the national parties that they are elected by the people to represent the people.

So has the time come to not vote for the main parties but maybe and instead of having independent councillors form a new party that is truly representative of the people (now where have we heard that before) that can act with one voice and actually represent the wishes of the local people.

The ballot box is the best and only way to show these people who are not true representatives of the people by their actions that we will not be constantly pushed around and dumped upon.

If the people do not stand up for what they want for their areas, then we only have ourselves to blame and we will get all the things heaped upon Newhaven that no one else wants.

Nick Baxter,

Wellington Road