Battle for regular train service goes on

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We are very pleased to have the support of Maria Caulfield, prospective Conservative Parliamentary candidate for Lewes, for our efforts to secure an improved train service from Cooksbridge station.

The Cooksbridge Station Partnership has been campaigning actively for the past four years but with only one success to date – from December 2011 Southern agreed to stop the weekday 2147 from London Victoria. Otherwise Southern has been unpersuaded by our arguments, notwithstanding the active support of MP Norman Baker.

However, the campaign goes on and we are meeting senior Southern management at their offices next month.

Cooksbridge is one of the very few stations in the Coastway East area without an hourly service, seven days a week – the others are Pevensey Bay and Normans Bay – a situation we consider both illogical and unfair. Passenger numbers from Cooksbridge have grown by 65% since 2004, while the population of Hamsey and neighbouring parishes continues to increase.

We have an active support group of 46 travellers who use Cooksbridge and Ms Caulfield is invited to join us – and to refer other interested travellers to us. She can find our latest progress report and contact details in the waiting room at the station.

Kevin Froude

Cooksbridge Station