Bedroom tax grossly unfair

The introduction of a new tax on empty bedrooms is not fair on some people who might need the room for family who are at university or on medical grounds. There are many ways to make cutbacks other than penalise the tenant.

This Government was selected by the people and they should realise that Government never keep their promises.

What will they be looking out for next, like parking charges which make vast revenue for the council’s coffers.

You see landlords buying up properties with the buy to let system for tenants to cover their mortgages on the properties with high rents where they would benefit from local authority housing.

Now we have a big influx of immigrants who think that they have the right to be taking our council houses.

Council houses were built around 1940 to house families. They should never have been sold off with the right to buy scheme, with over three thousand on the waiting list.

We look at families who have paid rents on their homes and improved them over the years, only to be told that they are charging a tax on spare bedrooms.

People who have spent most of their lives in their council homes paying rent have bought it twice over. They are human beings and should be treated as such.

D Myles

South Heighton