Benefiting from overseas aid

Do we really know the true extent of global corruption or, if we do, do we care?

We pour in overseas aid for African regimes to use, and cream-off oil revenues from African countries, plundering this and other resources whose profits go to Europe’s and the America’s financial houses while most countries in Africa are not supplied with adequate roads, rail, housing, schools and hospitals.

We have only to read ‘The Rotten Heart of Europe’: Connelly to know how it is done. Inside Story on Al Jazeera informed us (April 27, 6.30pm) on the current colonialism, now 200 years old.

You buy a barrel of oil or some other commodity at say $60 a barrel and sell it on for $100, which is the correct rate making a £40 profit which goes into the baronial accounts in a tax haven.

Our government pays lip-service to clawing back taxes as it profits from this gerrymandering

R Ings