Better cheaper options

I would just like to come back on Cllr Saunders rant about me in the letters page January 16. Whenever there has been an incident, like the fire and recent flooding in parts of Newhaven, I am there talking to the residents to see what help I can give them.

I was at the fire site talking to the environmental officers to make sure the residents have been informed and to make sure they have closed their windows. I have also in the past, asked if Veola could reduce their prices so local businesses do not have to send their waste elsewhere. So THANK YOU Cllr Saunders, the one thing I hate about being a county councillor is having to get my name in the press to let the people know that I am working hard for them. I much rather get my head down and get on with helping them with their problems. Here’s raising a glass to you. Cheers. But the real reason I am writing, is Norman Baker’s silly assertion that UKIP is threatening Green growth. The original reason for windfarms, was to combat the upcoming Armageddon of Global Warming.

There has been no average increase in global temperatures for at least 15 years. The calculations have been altered time and time again to suit their pessimistic predictions. Now is the time to be angry at the intellectual bankruptcy of climate science. We should all be afraid of the UN’s gruesome plan to establish a global climate government. The Department of Energy and Climate Change (Ed Davey Lib Dem) has been forced to release the effect of climate policies on energy prices. It will add up to 40% to the cost of household electricity by the end of the decade.

That is why UKIP is against the Rampion Windfarm. UKIP are all for sensible green policies. There are much better and cheaper alternatives. We all want clean air to breathe. I want to be energy efficient, rather than rely on imports. That can be achieved by good clean green alternatives, that do work and do not cost the taxpayers a fortune. If Rampion were built, I ask once again, where are all the diesel generators going to go for when the wind isn’t blowing. Turbines need electricity to operate.

Cllr Charlton

UKIP Ouse Valley East.