Beware the PC conman

The other afternoon I received a telephone call from a gentleman who had an overseas accent whose caller display showed ‘out of area’. He asked for either Mr or Mrs House. He then proceeed with a scare story regarding Microsoft Windows and ‘malicious’ files on my PC. (wrong we have 3)

He said he was from ‘e-security’ who I had never heard of and name dropped Microsoft a lot. I played him along pretending I knew very little about the workings of a PC beyond basic use. When he asked me to be in front of my PC I obliged (he hadn’t asked me to switch it on) and asked if MS updates, and various other industry software would not have picked these files up and dealt with them. He said no. At which point I changed my tone, put on my best managers voice and told him that what he had said so far was rubbish, to remove my name from his list and never to darken my phone again and hung up with a smile on my face :)

My concern is that others may believe this tripe and turn on their PCs and either part with money for useless, damaging or spy-riddled software, give out bank information and lose money or straightforwardly be hacked for personal information.

Fiona House, Seaford