Big public support for Polegate wind farm

At its most recent meeting, members of Eastbourne & District Friends of the Earth welcomed the intention of GTR to submit a revised application early in 2013 to develop a wind farm at Shepham Lane, Polegate. Members also unanimously agreed to support the Yes to Polegate Wind Farm group in its campaign to demonstrate, with much success already, that there is a large body of support among local people for a wind farm in the Polegate area. National opinion polls consistently show a significant majority of the population in support of wind power and the need for the UK to keep investing in it. Which is not surprising considering that renewable energy sources like wind power help to ensure a safe, secure, reliable, sustainable energy supply that is low carbon, much less damaging to the environment than oil, gas, coal, or nuclear, and moves us away from over-reliance on increasingly expensive imports of fossil fuels from abroad.

Increased investment in wind power also helps to avoid any need for more extreme forms of energy extraction such as shale gas fracking, which could soon occur within the Sussex countryside if the government has its way. If fracking does come to our area, then the safety of our air, water and soils will be at great risk from the potentially severe environmental consequences of such fracking. We hope that the coming debate about the wind farm application will take place on the basis of the actual facts about wind power, which now already supplies about 10% of our electricity, and is part of the fastest growing sector of our economy, the green sector.

Andrew Durling,

Co-ordinator, Eastbourne & District Friends of the Earth, Westham