Bollards - better ways to spend £5,500

On attending the Ringmer Parish Council (RPC) meeting of 12 December, I did not agree with the proposed replacement of the bollards in the vicinity of the parade of shops in Springett Avenue by Ringmer Parish Council as opposed to East Sussex Highways.

I hold the firm belief that East Sussex Highways are responsible for paying for the 18 proposed bollards that would cost £5,500 and not the parish council. If it is the case that the parish council can in fact spend monies on Highway related matters, why did RPC not use the available 106 monies for the Tile Kiln development to fund a light controlled crossing to serve both Ringmer schools.

One example of how the £5,500 proposed to be spent on replacing the bollards could have been better utilised, would have been to provide a bus shelter by Old Forge Pine bus stop.

Mr A Cooper