Brave but unrealistic

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I was also at the Cuckmere Estuary meeting on June 7. Andy Robertson’s attempt to get an overwhelming agreement on the Cuckmere Estuary project was brave but unrealistic.

It was unfair of him to say that Tristram and Jill did not agree with the outcome.

They have made it very clear that they did agree with the result of the voting which actually produced a very clear win for maintaining the banks option (D).

What Andy seems to have done is retrospectively introduce an eighth option which was never considered or voted on.

This new option attempts to combine two diametrically opposed schemes (C & D).

The £250,000 taxpayer funded budget for this project might have been well spent, but let’s now leave it at that and not throw more money at planning, consultations and investigations of the Engineered Reactivation scheme.

The numerous interest groups, quangos, societies and agencies concerned with this project have now been joined by another, (Friends of Cuckmere). I call on the ESCC not to be distracted by all these, and to stand by its commitment to abide by the results of this consultation.

Christopher Coleman,