Breakwater: Let’s leave Seaford beach well alone

In response to the latest missive from Jim Skinner suggesting we need a bull’s horn breakwater in order to attract visitors, we wonder whether he has been down to the promenade during this spell of glorious weather ?

The hundreds of people on the beach did not seem to have found the seafront unattractive, hazardous or inaccessible.

Perhaps, indeed, the appeal is that Seaford is still natural and unspoiled.

We taxpayers do not need to pay for the installation and subsequent upkeep of an artificial breakwater. Let’s leave well alone!

We already have the greatest asset for the beach, which is free parking. Not a space was available recently.

The only other attribute we need is good weather, as is proved every time the sun shines.

The extra bins will be welcome so that the visitors can deposit their rubbish before going home, while envying those of us who are lucky enough to live here.

D & C Osborne