Brexit: Maybe we’ve been trying to fix the wrong things

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An ain’t broke Brexit? Up to us now, you and me, to take control, no more overwrought Prime Minister and her arm-twisting ERGs.

If it ain’t broke don’t fix it – so let’s keep it clear, clean and simple. For starters what exactly is broke?

The only thing we can agree on is that we’re not sure what to fix, so we haven’t fixed anything.

Far from it, over the past three years, we’ve become less safe, we’re poorer, our hospitals and old age care are under threat, our job prospects diminishing, household costs rising, our pound losing value, and now our medicines and our food supplies are to be stock piled – and even our travel plans put at risk.

And in the encircling gloom we’re unhappy, ill-tempered, unsure of ourselves and suspicious of strangers, with our national brand a laughing stock, (May’ll be out before April this year?), the butt of mocking jokes.

And that’s even before we’re out! So maybe, just maybe, we’ve been trying to fix the wrong thing?

But we’ve taken control now, all of us, with our frantic commander-in-chief and feuding groupies well on the sidelines, so let’s get stuck into that list and sort it out.

Plenty to do, much effort needed but it’s down to us, so it’s doable.

For everything else we need time, just time, take a breather, let the dust settle, in due course do some straight, honest, clear-headed thinking.

Sound advice this week from our friends to do just that – our interests are theirs too in the end so let’s take the offer up.

Important decisions need cool heads, shouldn’t be rushed, need thinking through in a calm atmosphere.

That’s not Westminster at the moment, with our MPs at the end of their tethers.

Give them, give us all a break then, no over-hasty withdrawal, no baby out with the bath water, this one we have to get right.

A sensible Brexit is going to last us, all of us, and our kids, a long time.

As even the Brexiters are beginning to say … right?

Michael Rider,

North Chailey,