Brexit: Remainers have no powerful friends

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Councillor Latham (letters, February 1) is right; Parliament is indeed unrepresentative. U Gov (16.1.2019) measured hypothetical voting intentions at 48 per cent remain, 38 per cent leave, and 14 per cent ‘don’t know’.

Both major parties, however, are committed to Brexit, and Jeremy Corbyn more than anyone.

Corbyn voted for Britain to leave the EEC in 1975, opposed the creation of the European Union, the Lisbon Treaty, the EU diplomatic service and much more.

He went on holiday during the referendum, refused to attend the Remain campaign launch, and called for the invocation of Article 50 faster than Theresa May.

He sacked Labour MPs in favour of the single market, and opposes Conservative chaos only with impossibilities and platitudes.

If you detest Brexit, its economic blight and its nasty heart, Tony Benn’s followers are no more your friend than Enoch Powell’s.

The sad truth is that Remain has no powerful friends, and we will soon be living a country inflicted on us by people like Councillor Latham.

Quite how one endures this heart-breaking fact, I have no idea.

Paul Newman,

Firle Crescent,