Brexit: What reasonable objection can there be to a People’s Vote - too much democracy?

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It’s not surprising that the more vocal Brexiters oppose a Peoples’ Vote.

They fear a change of mind as the distortions, wild claims and lies coming from their 2016 campaign are shown up to the light.

What they labelled as Project Fear is indeed becoming Project Reality with a crashed Pound, sluggish growth, serious warnings from business, cancelled investment and companies relocating abroad.

This is before the UK even leaves the EU in whatever shambolic fashion it can cobble together.

Leaving without a deal, and associated trade deals with dozens of other countries would be very foolish and damaging, despite the words of incompetent chancers such as Messrs Johnson, Davis and Fox.

Democracy did not come to an end in June 2016 and much has changed.

In 2017 the Government’s failed attempt to increase its freedom of action and authority were hobbled by the election of a hung Parliament.

Consulting with the people again, in the light of what we know now, would be more democratic than any of the alternatives on offer.

What reasonable objection could there be unless it’s too much democracy?
Hugh Redgewell

High Street