Britain’s isolation is what the Brexiteers want, isn’t it?

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Councillor Alan Latham grumbles (Sussex Express, 1 Feb) at my assertion that no-one has anyconfidence in the Government’s ability to deliver a Brexit that won’t leave us poorer and more isolated.

However, he says nothing to prove me wrong.

Is Cllr Latham confident that the Government can deliver such a deal?

Can he point to anyone who is?

Even the most ardent supporters of Brexit have become very vague about its economic benefits – perhaps because it’s becoming ever clearer that there aren’t any.

As for isolation, surely the point of Brexit is to separate us from our nearest neighbours in Europe. In so far as it does that, shouldn’t Cllr Latham see greater isolation as a sign of success?

Richard Powell

EUnity Lewes

St John Road