Budget cuts mean quality home care suffers

As council budgets become more and more stretched, we are seeing a worrying increase in extremely short home care visits to disabled and older people, lasting just 15 minutes.

Each year thousands are being denied good quality care and support as a result of these flying visits.

If carers don’t even have time to take off their coats, how can they support disabled people with any kind of dignity? That’s why our organisation has decided to stop bidding for contracts that contain 15-minute visits. We have launched a campaign called Make Care Fair.

But it doesn’t end there. We are now calling on Parliament to put a stop to this indignity. And we need your help to achieve this.

To strengthen our case, we want to hear from the people that are directly affected by flying home care visits, whether you personally receive them, have a friend or relative who does, or if you are a carer yourself.

Please get in touch by calling 01275-849918, emailing me on amy.parker@LCDdisability.org or writing to me at Leonard Cheshire Disability, 66 South Lambeth Road, London, SW8 1RL. Find out more about how you can get involved by visiting www.lcdisability.org/makecarefair

Amy Parker

Leonard Cheshire Disability London

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