Bus cuts is an attack on the whole rural community

I do agree, as we all do, apart from the Tories, with Cllr Osborne’s comments about the bus cuts.

This is not only an attack on the elderly and the vulnerable, this is an attack on the whole of the rural community itself.

To cut the rural bus times from four a day to two a week, just beggars belief. The Tory administration say that they want people to walk and cycle for a healthier lifestyle. Let me take you out of your Ivory towers and introduce you to real people, people who cannot cycle or walk. If they get to a rail station, they cannot negotiate the steep hills in Lewes. The bus will drop you off at the top. Trains do not. How on earth can people reach appointments. Are you only allowed to be ill on the days when the buses are running? How will unemployed people get to job interviews?

For many residents, visiting the towns is their only source of meeting with friends and making new ones. The bus service stops them from being isolated and lonely. That will save money for Social Services. I do find it incredulous though, that the Lib Dems are attacking the nasty Party. The same nasty Party that they belong to. Thanks to the Labour Party for decimating the finances of the country for decades to come, thanks to the Coalition for starving the councils of money, yet they are spending millions on entertainment in the Foreign and Home office. Millions to China, India and Russia, who all have Space Programmes. £55 million a day on a Political Union run by a handful of elite and corrupt failed politicians that no-one voted for.

Let us spend the money on our own people who are suffering at the hands of the three tired and failed Parties we have at the moment. As for Bob Brown’s statement, I think Seaford is quite a big pond and the people of Seaford have had a raw deal for a long time from the same tired failed Parties. Well done to the UKIP Seaford Councillors.The cuts were agreed before UKIP got elected. Fait accompli. All of the UKIP councillors are working hard for their residents with quite some success. Cllr Saunders say that we have no policies. A very confused councillor indeed. I am happy to tell him that the only worthwhile policies that that his Party have, are the taxation and the apprenticeship policy. Both of them have been UKIP policies for years. With the taxation, we would have implemented £11,500 immediatley, not wait for our Tory masters to tell us when and how much. Borrow a few more of our policies and re-call yourselves Lib- Kippers.

Cllr Peter Charlton

UKIP Ouse Valley East Sussex County Council