By all means call me Mister

I AM bemused by Mike Jones’ inverse snobbery regarding titles. He’s perfectly entitled to use his title or not as he so chooses but to quote someone else’s proper title in quotation marks suggests that the title is somehow false or claimed without right.

If a title such as Dr has been earned, why not use it? Just because the taxpayer has paid for your university education, why be ashamed of it? Mr is a title still generally accepted by society and personally I resent being called by my first name by people I don’t know, have never met or have no time for. By all means call me Mr Hobden, I for one shan’t be offended!

But I am indebted to Dr Jones for raising the issue as I have been biting my tongue for long enough regarding the use, abuse and over-use of the many and varied titles and honorifics we have seen on this page – or maybe that was the one (particularly vituperative) letter of mine which wasn’t published?

Now, is this more than four hundred words or not? I was always better with words than numbers. There you go – there’s an ideal hook for someone to hang a stinging response on!

Clive Hobden, Ringmer