By-election - false claims of confidentiality

In reply to last week’s letter from Cllr Clewett I have to concur that this by-election and the cost of it could easily have been avoided, had Mr O’Riordan chosen to just leave the Polegate Residents Association (PRA) and declared his-self an Independent. However he did not.

It is true that a replacement councillor could have been co-opted onto the council, but the decision for that would have been made by the remaining 14 councillors.

Having attended many council meetings, more than some of the current councillors, I and others don’t find that option very palatable.

An election gives the public their democratic right to choose who represents them.

I am surprised that Cllr Clewett asks the question, is the correspondent Paul Woolmer, the same person who called for this election.

Are you now being kept in the dark by your PRA colleagues? Of course it is me, however if by your question you mean, should the populous of Polegate know this, then YES of course they should, if they are interested it is freely available information. Not confidential.

On the subject of toilets, it isn’t only the PRA who are determined to keep the High St toilets open and, the inference that the cost of this by-election could keep those toilets open for six months is entirely misleading. The money for elections comes from a reserve specifically for that purpose and, which cannot be used another purpose.

I and all of my non-councillor confederates have never made any secret of why we show interest in the habits of some Polegate councillors at council meetings, it is in the interests of openness, transparency and honesty, and of course, the protection of the War Memorial Recreation Ground.

I never have nor will I in the future fear putting my head above the parapet when necessary, that comes from my background in service and a belief in fairness.

Paul Woolmer