Cabinet disregrading wishes of the people over bus cuts

As I write, there is a meeting of the Cabinet of the East Sussex County Council going on.

The full council voted 25 to 21 to rescind the cuts to bus services in East Sussex. The Cabinet is expected to ignore this vote and carry on with the cuts.

If this happens, it will be a travesty of democracy. That the Conservatives should be able to fill all the positions on the Cabinet, by virtue of being the largest party, goes against the basic tenets of a fair and equitable system of local Government.

That the Cabinet should then be able to overturn decisions made by the full council, equates to an elected dictatorship.

I realise that hard decisions need to be made, in light of central Government’s reduction of the grant to the council, but to leave outlying villages with buses on only two days a week, beggars belief.

This, along with so many other decisions made by this and Wealden District Council, shows that the Conservatives have no regard at all for the wishes of their constituents. They should remember that the council are there to serve the community, not the other way around.

Peter Griffiths

Parliamentary Candidate, Wealden, UKIP