Call for MP to quit is ridiculous

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TONY ROWELL (letter, September 21 – ‘Cuts on poor a disgrace’) makes a number of interesting points but asking Norman Baker MP to resign on matters over which he has no direct control, is ridiculous.

In fact the intervention of Mr Rowell – and his two female colleagues from Lewes Stop The Cuts – at Mr Baker’s meeting in Seaford on September 14, was both aggressive and unwelcome.

Reducing the deficit inherited from the previous Labour administration was always going to be painful.

Maybe Mr Rowell and his comrades have some positive ideas of their own that they could share with us?

As for the meeting itself, at the Downs Leisure Centre, it’s a pity that the apathetic folk of Seaford didn’t make more of an effort to meet with and listen to our MP.

As it was, only nine locals turned up! A very poor show – politics apart – given that Mr Baker had given up so much of his time.

Paul Lambert, Seaford