Cameron should stop interfering in other countries

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The defection of a local councillor from the Tories to UKIP (front page, June 7) does not surprise me at all given the many thousands who did so in the recent UK local elections.

Many of us that were supporters are saddened by the apparent complete failure of the Tory Party to engage with their grass root support, both at national and constituency level.

Cameron and his cabinet appear to be completely out of touch over a number of issues that are of great concern to “Joe public”.

Over the matter of a vote on membership of the EU, are we being taken for fools by Cameron in promising that to take place by 2017? Neither he nor his Government may be in power by then and given that they, along with the other main parties have made the promise a number of times in recent years why should we believe them this time?

The control of immigration itself coupled with the abuse of our benefit system by illegal immigrants, benefit tourist and unfortunately British nationals.

The apparent never ending desire to take the UK into every civil war in the Middle East, brings about more death and injury to our armed forces personnel and of course terrorism within our own borders.

The idea of placing western democracy in the Arab world is in my opinion, having lived in several of the countries, ridiculous in that their system of Government over many thousands of years differs entirely.

Let us leave them to live under their rules not go into war to inflict our views upon them. The UN is the organisation for international problems, let them do their job.

In short Messrs Cameron and Clegg your priority in these austere times should be to sort out the problems of the UK before interfering in other countries and to take notice of the concern and needs of the hard working people of this great country.

Joe O’Riordan