Canon O’Donnell Centre - Homes’ fine craftsmanship

HOW good of Miss King of Hove to take an interest in our town. If she had troubled to check her facts, she would know that the new “flats” are houses. If she had seen inside she would have seen excellent craftsmanship. The houses were built to very high specifications, with a lot of thought being given to good quality materials. Before planning permission was granted, the developer and his architect met neighbours several times, with the plans, to ensure that they were acceptable, making some alterations and noting recommendations.

They are, indeed, modern but they have taken the surrounding area into consideration. Did Miss King notice the bricks? They were chosen with care to reflect the Victorian ones next door. The large windows are a modern equivalent of the next door terrace of large bays. Many of us in Lewes do not want to see Victorian buildings being built in the 21st century. This is modern architecture at its best and most thoughtful.

Let us have variety Miss King -– as you have in Hove. Or have you not noticed the blocks of modern flats in New Church Road. Perhaps you should restrict your ire to your own town.

Margot Sims

PS If you think that the Meridian Pub, built in 1989, was worthy of conservation, in my opinion there was no particular craftsmanship evident there.