Cars forced to take a chance at Wilmington junction

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May I start by thanking the driver of the white car that slowed down and flagged me across the junction when I attempted to leave the village of Wilmington and turn right towards Eastbourne yesterday.

What a difference it makes in heavy traffic when someone shows consideration to others.

The Wilmington junction is nearly impossible to get out of once the daily traffic has commenced.

Hundreds of cars all travelling at the apparently legal speed of 60mph are charging towards you from both the Lewes and Polegate directions.

Can anyone imagine how frightening it is to ‘take a chance’ between the odd car travelling a little slower.

This is the main trunk road in the area, remember. The Highways Agency, in its wisdom, does not see a problem with the speed as there have not yet been enough fatalities on this stretch of road to warrant a speed reduction at this crossroad.

It is more noticeable that the traffic stream from Polegate has far fewer breaks in it following the reconfiguration of the traffic lights at the Polegate junction.

So all I ask is that oncoming drivers, when seeing cars stuck at the crossroads attempting to exit this junction, and where traffic conditions permit, would consider slowing down to enable us to leave the village safely.

C West