Case for leaving EU - I’d rather be a UKIP ‘clown’

I would rather be a UKIP “clown” than a Tory “loon” or a Labour “fool”, or even a Liberal “goon” is how one Hailsham voter commented to me in the past few days.

On a more serious note my voters keep asking me what is the plain truth on the EU so I will explain the facts as they are known and can be proven.

Fact 1: The EU is a German Superstate set up in 1944 designed to control Europe and its people. This was confirmed as true by Mr Edward Heath PM in 1978, when he admitted he had lied to Parliament and the voters. Wilson, Major and Blair also knew we were not joining an EEC market trading alliance but a superstate that would over time take over and control the whole of Europe.

Fact 2: The figure of 50% of manufacturing output to the EU is wrong and misleading. The Civitas Report confirms our exports to the EU once the “Device” is taken out is only some 35% and falling.

Also the EU exports three times more goods to the UK, so would not want to lose this market outlet.

Fact 3: We would lose jobs. Wrong again. All reports I have to hand confirm that, on leaving the EU, job prospects would in fact increase some 10-15% due to increased export markets and share of world trade and the cutting of competition from East European migrant workers.

Fact 4: We would regain control of our borders, fishing, laws, and be out of the dreaded European Court of Human Rights, so would be able to once again deport terrorists, criminals, over-stayers and EU migrant health tourists who are so badly damaging our NHS resources.

Fact 5: We would save our royal family, as at present the EU states the office of EU president takes priority over our royals, dealing a savage blow to our sovereignty and independence.

Also the Euro is what reports state, a controlling currency designed in such a way as to make user nations dependent upon Germany, and in so doing take away their remaining sovereign nation status. Look at Greece for instance.

Fact 6: Defence would again be under our control along with NATO.

Germany has always required that the UK and France reduce their armed forces and join a joint German force and this would put our nuclear deterrents in the hands of Germany.

Fact 7: We would save over £59 million per day, £146 billion per year paid to the EU, money that we could spend on councils, hospitals, police, and our armed forces. We would also gain £3,500 bonus per household.

Reports also show that the EU is a most corrupt body, so much so that no ministers have ever signed off the EU accounts.

This is only an indication of some of the positive benefits of our leaving the EU.

David Cameron will not be allowed to negotiate any meaningful changes to our membership, and this is confirmed by German ministers.

Leaving would be a win win situation for the UK and we could leave tomorrow, reports state by citing sections 3, 8, & 50 of The Treaty of Rome,

Remember we are now fighting our second and most dangerous “Battle of Britain” and again we must not lose.

For more information on the benefits of leaving the EU please contact Prof David Younge, Hailsham UKIP at

Prof David Younge

Hailsham UKIP (Author of a Number of Reports on the EU)