Cautious welcome to new road

It is clearly excellent news about the proposed link road between Queensway and the A21.

However, before we all jump up and down with delight at the report, in last week’s Observer, of the associated potential new job numbers, surely a hugely over-ambitious assessment by Sea Change Sussex, one has to question whether there is, in fact, any demand for new industrial/business premises in Hastings.

You only have to consider the recent industrial sites made available at Queensway South and North, which, if there had been any demand, would now be full of new office and semi-industrial premises, busily generating revenue for Hastings.

Of the three warehouse/office buildings so far constructed at Queensway South, only two are occupied, as far as I know, with the rest of the undeveloped site now being for sale. No development at all has commenced at Queensway North, aside from the access spur.

There clearly is no latent demand for such premises here, or perhaps the delights of Hastings as a place to develop a business, are not being sufficiently promoted. Better yet, maybe we should just stop building on these sites and let Nature have them back.

Graham Legg

Washington Avenue

St Leonards