‘Change will only come from UKIP’

I think Haven News is a good local information sheet for the residents of Newhaven and Seaford.

So I was very disappointed to find out that it seems to be a vehicle for Cllr Steve Saunders to have a rant and moan at UKIP and the Tories.

I will agree with Cllr Saunders, the Christmas Card did cost a lot of money. It was paid for by all the UKIP councillors, MPs and MEPs. It was a price worth paying in wishing everyone peace, goodwill and prosperity for the future. The Policies for the People leaflet that came with it, was to let people know that there IS hope for the future. There IS an alternative. There IS going to be change. That change will only come from UKIP policies on NHS, education, agriculture, fishing, law and order etc, etc. We have heard the diatribe from all the parties for far too long. Despite the abuse, lies and scare stories we get from the media and political parties, the People’s Army are on the march.

Cllr Saunders complained that the Tory candidate lifted some ideas from Norman Baker’s list. Ditto UKIP’s policies in 2009-10. No-one pays income tax if earning under £11,500. Bring back apprenticeships. Ring a bell Cllr Saunders? Unlike his colleagues in county, UKIP voted for NO bus cuts at all - unlike the Lib-Dems who wanted to push it out in to the long grass. Eventually, they voted with Labour and UKIP. Your party is in coalition with the cut, cut, cut party. For once, take some responsibility for your party’s own actions. Lib-Dems, Tories and Labour are all responsible for the utter chaos this country’s finances are in. Enough is enough. If people vote UKIP, they will get UKIP. Stop hiding behind Haven News. Start expressing them to a wider audience in the Sussex Express. Let others have a chance to take your diatribe to task. What are you afraid of - the truth?

Cllr Peter Charlton

UKIP, Ouse Valley East